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No.1 Reactor
01Story starts from a scene which AVALANCHE and Cloud, who is a mercenary attack the station of No. 1 Reactor.
02You get Potion x2 from the soldier who got defeated by the AVALANCHE’s member. AVALANCHE’s members open the door when you talk to them.
03You should move Barret to the rear side when he joins your party.
04You have battle with Guard Scorpion in the No. 1 Reactor.
05After the battle, you can get Magic MateriaRestore.
06You have to escape from there within 10 minutes after setting the bomb.
07You must have a conversation with Jessie to help her on your way.
08You head to Sector 8 after leaving from there.
-No.1 Reactor Map Open New Window
No.1 Reactor - Treasure
Potion x3 / Phoenix Dow x1 / Magic MateriaRestore x1

Meeting Up with AVALANCHE

Sector 8
01You go outside of the Sector 8 to get on the train which is bound for Sector 7 after having a conversation with AVALANCHE’s members.
02You bump into a girl whose name is Aeris. You can buy some flowers from her.
03Although when Cloud goes south and he is surrounded by the enemies, you can have a battle with them or run away from the battle to escape from there by jumping onto the train.
-Sector 8 Map Open New Window
Sector 8 - Treasure
Potion x1 / Flower

Last Train from Midgar
01You arrive at the station after having a conversation with AVALANCHE’s members in the train.
-Last Train from Midgar Open New Window
Last Train from Midgar - Treasure

Go To the AVALANCHE’s Secret Base

Sector 7 Slums
01You get off the train and go to Sector 7 Slums which are located in the west side to follow the members.
02You go to the AVALANCHE’s secret base which name is 7th Heaven and have a conversation with a Tifa.
03You have a conversation with AVALANCHE’s members when you go to basement by using the pinball machine.
04After you go back upstairs and receive the reward of 1500Gil from Barret, you have a conversation with AVALANCHE’s members.
05You can go to Weapon Store to buy some Equipment and more now. You can get an Ether and Support MateriaAll in the Beginner’s Hall which is located in the 2nd floor of the Weapon Store.
-Sector 7 Slums Open New Window
Sector 7 Slums - Treasure
1500Gil / Ether x1 / Support MateriaAll x1
Sector 7 Slums : Weapon Shop
Iron Bangle160 Gil
Assault Gun350 Gil
Grenade80 Gil
Sector 7 Slums : Item Shop
Potion50 Gil
Phoenix Down300 Gil
Antidote80 Gil
Magic MateriaFire600 Gil
Magic MateriaIce600 Gil
Magic MateriaLightning600 Gil
Magic MateriaRestore750 Gil

Next Destination
After shopping, you get on the train in the Sector 7 Station to destroy the No.5 reactor.

« Opening ¦ Destroy the No.5 reactor »

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