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Infiltrate Upper Junon

Under Junon
01When you come to Under Junon, go to Dolphin Offing.
02You have a battle with Bottomswell after you have a conversation with Priscilla.
03After the battle. Cloud helps drowned Priscilla by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
04After you spend the night in Granny's House and go to Priscilla's House, you can get a Summon MateriaShiva.
05Cloud goes to Dolphin Offing and infiltrates the Airport of Junon by taking advantage of Dolphin Jump.
06Dolphin Jump successes if you blow a whistle without moving.
-Under Junon Map Open New Window
Under Junon - Treasure
Summon MateriaShiva
Under Junon : Item Shop
Mythril Armlet350 Gil
Grenade80 Gil
Potion50 Gil
Phoenix Down300 Gil
Tent500 Gil

Welcoming ceremony

Junon Airport
01When Cloud comes to Junon Airport Path, the senior officer calls you and you have to participate in a parade.
02A televised minigame starts after you change his clothes into the uniform of Shinra soldier.
03You should save before that.
-Junon Airport Map Open New Window
Junon Airport - Treasure

Upper Junon
01After the minigame, you need to do rehearsal to see off Rufus Shinra in Junon Dock.
02You can freely move after the rehearsal.
-Upper Junon Map Open New Window
Upper Junon - Treasure
Grenade (0-29%) or Potion x6 (30-39%) or Ether x6 (40-49%) or 5000Gil (+>50%)
Command MateriaEnemy Skill x1 / Mind Source / 1/35 soldier x1 / Luck Source x1 / Power Source x1 / Guard Source x1
Upper Junon (Before Meteor-fall) : Weapon Shop
Hardedge1500 Gil
Grand Glove1200 Gil
Atomic Scissors1400 Gil
Striking Staff1300 Gil
Diamond Pin1300 Gil
Boomerang1400 Gil
Upper Junon (Before Meteor-fall) : Item Shop
Potion50 Gil
Hi-Potion300 Gil
Phoenix Down300 Gil
Antidote80 Gil
Eye Drops50 Gil
Echo Screen100 Gil
Hyper100 Gil
Tranquilizer100 Gil
Tent500 Gil
Upper Junon (Before Meteor-fall) : Materia Shop
Command MateriaSense1000 Gil
Magic MateriaSeal3000 Gil
Magic MateriaRestore750 Gil
Magic MateriaHeal1500 Gil
Magic MateriaRevive3000 Gil

See Rufus off at Junon Dock

Lower Junon
01You can freely move until you go to Junon Dock.
02When you go there, Rufus Shinra shows up and the command-demonstration minigame starts.
03After he leaves, you embark Cargo Ship.
-Lower Junon Map Open New Window
Lower Junon - Treasure
Silver Glasses (0-50) or Independent MateriaHP Plus (60-90) or Force Stealer (+>100)
Speed Source x1 / 1/35 soldier x1
Lower Junon (Before Meteor-fall) : Weapon Shop
Mythril Saber1000 Gil
Cannon Ball950 Gil
Mythril Claw750 Gil
Full Metal Staff800 Gil
Mythril Clip800 Gil
Lower Junon (Before Meteor-fall) : General Store
Magic MateriaFire600 Gil
Magic MateriaIce600 Gil
Magic MateriaLightning600 Gil
Magic MateriaEarth1500 Gil
Magic MateriaPoison1500 Gil
Lower Junon (Before Meteor-fall) : Accessory Shop
Silver Glasses3000 Gil
Headband3000 Gil

Next Destination
Go to Costa del Sol by Cargo Ship.

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