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This page contains "Support Magic List" for FF7.

List of Support Magic

NameMPSupport MateriaAllMateria
Sleepel8Possible Magic MateriaSeal Lv1
Inflicts Sleep on target.
Silence24Possible Magic MateriaSeal Lv2
Inflicts Silence on target.
Confu18Possible Magic MateriaMystify Lv1
Inflicts Confuse on target.
Berserk28Possible Magic MateriaMystify Lv2
Inflicts Berserk (Strength stat x1.5) on target.
Mini10Possible Magic MateriaTransform Lv1
Inflicts Small on target. Cures "Mini" status.
Toad14Possible Magic MateriaTransform Lv2
Inflicts Frog on target. Cures "Frog" status.
Haste18Possible Magic MateriaTime Lv1
Casts Haste status on ally. Cures "Slow" status.
Slow20Possible Magic MateriaTime Lv2
Inflicts Slow on target.
Stop34Possible Magic MateriaTime Lv3
Inflicts Stop on target.
Barrier16Possible Magic MateriaBarrier Lv1
Creates a Barrier resistant to physical attacks.
MBarrier24Possible Magic MateriaBarrier Lv2
Creates a Barrier resistant to magical attacks.
Reflect30Possible Magic MateriaBarrier Lv3
Casts Reflect on target. Can reflect magic spells back up to 4 times.
Wall58Possible Magic MateriaBarrier Lv4
Casts "Barrier + MBarrier" on ally.
DeBarrier12Possible Magic MateriaDestruct Lv1
Destroys function of "Barrier, MBarrier, Reflect, Shield".
DeSpell20Possible Magic MateriaDestruct Lv2
Destroys function of All Support effects (Haste, Slow, Stop, Regen, Barrier, MBarrier, Reflect, Shield, Death Force, and Resist).
Escape16--- Magic MateriaExit Lv1
Escape from Battle.
Shield180Impossible Magic MateriaShield Lv2
Protection against Physical Attacks. Absorbs Elemental spells damage.

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