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Weapons for Red XIII : FF7 - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

This page contains detail information about the equipment which Red XIII is able to equip in Final Fantasy 7.

Weapons for Red XIII

Mythril Clip241006x1
Initially Equipped on Red XIII, Lower Junon (Shop / Before Meteor-fall)
Diamond Pin331028x1
Upper Junon (Shop / Before Meteor-fall), Gongaga Village (Shop), Lower Junon (Shop / During Meteor-fall), Bagnadrana (Steal)
Silver Barrette4011010x1
Cosmo Canyon (Shop)
Gold Barrette5010413x1
Wutai (Shop)
Adaman Clip6010615x1
Icicle Inn (Shop)
Crystal Comb7610820x1
Mideel (Shop)
Magic Comb371004x2
Upper Junon (Shop / During Meteor-fall), Fort Condor (Lv1 Prize)
Plus Barrette3910412x2
Upper Junon (Shop / During Meteor-fall), Mt. Nibel (Treasure)
Costa del Sol (Shop / During Meteor-fall)
Lower Junon (Shop / During Meteor-fall), Wutai (Treasure), Critical%+
Seraph Comb6811014x1
Cave of the Gi (Cleared the storyline)
Behemoth Horn917526x1
Shinra Bldg. 2F (Treasure / During Meteor-fall), Spirit:+18, Vitality:+35
Spring Gun Clip8710055x1
Ancient Forest (Treasure)
Limited Moon9311431--
Cosmo Canyon (Disc3 / Red XIII talks to Bugenhagen.)

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