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Weapons for Cait Sith : FF7 - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

This page contains detail information about the equipment which Cait Sith is able to equip in Final Fantasy 7.

Weapons for Cait Sith

Yellow M-phone361008x1
Initially Equipped on Cait Sith, Lower Junon (Shop / During Meteor-fall)
Green M-phone411009x1
Cosmo Canyon (Shop)
Blue M-phone4810010x1
Wutai (Shop)
Red M-phone6010015x1
Icicle Inn (Shop)
Crystal M-phone7410020x1
Mideel (Shop)
White M-phone351028x2
Lower Junon (Shop / During Meteor-fall), Gongaga Village (Treasure)
Black M-phone3110410x2
Lower Junon (Shop / During Meteor-fall), Cave of the Gi (Treasure)
Silver M-phone2810614x1
Lower Junon (Shop / During Meteor-fall), Shinra Mansion (Treasure)
Gold M-phone5810328x1
Costa del Sol (Shop / During Meteor-fall)
Trumpet Shell681182--
Lower Junon (Shop / During Meteor-fall), Temple of the Ancients (Treasure), Critical%+
Battle Trumpet95950--
Underwater Reactor (Treasure)
Starlight Phone8810231x1
Sector 8 Underground (Treasure), Vitality:+30
HP Shout9511044--
Shinra Bldg. 64F (Treasure / During Meteor-fall), Power up when "higher HP".

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