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About Yuffie and Vincent

There are Yuffie and Vincent as characters in FF7 and you can finish the game without them.
You can make them a member of your party by choosing a conversation in the right order in a specific place.

How to make Yuffie join in your party

She shows up as Mystery Ninja in the forest which is located in between Junon Area and Wutai Area if you encounter some enemies there.
She joins your party soon if you choose the correct order in a conversation after the battle.

-DialogueCorrect response
01let's go one more time!Not interested
02You're pretty scared of me......petrified
03I'm really gonna leave!Wait a second!
04You want me to go with you?......That's right
05go with you!......Let's hurry on
--Save PointDo not use

How to make Vincent join in your party

He is in the basement in Nibelheim and you need to use Basement Key to get there, You can get Basement Key in Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim but you need to open the safe to get it.
The safe dial is "Right36, Left10, Right59, Left97", After opening it, you have to have a battle with Lost Number.
If you check the coffin which is located beyond the door in the Shinra Mansion Basement, he shows up.
You need to choose the correct order in the conversation.
If you do it correctly, he returns to the coffin but he calls you to stop and he joins your party when you are about to go back to the ground.

-DialogueCorrect response
01first conversationtalk about Sephiroth
022nd conversationWho are you?

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