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To the west continent by Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship
01When Cloud embarks Cargo Ship, he sees other members.
02After he has a conversation with some of the members, an alarm rings.
03You have a battle with Jenova who disguise as Sephiroth in the Engine Room after you find people in the ship.
After the battle, you can get Summon MateriaIfrit.
04You arrive at the port town in the western continent.
-Cargo Ship Map Open New Window
Cargo Ship - Treasure
Ether x1 / Support MateriaAll x1 / Wind Slash x1 / Summon MateriaIfrit

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol
01When you get off the ship, you can hear the contents of a conversation between Rufus Shinra and Heidegger.
02When you go to the beach before you enter the Inn, you see Hojo and you should have a conversation with him.
03You can hear from a resident that Sephiroth is heading to Gold Saucer.
-Costa del Sol Map Open New Window
Costa del Sol - Treasure
Fire Ring x1 / Motor Drive x1 / Power Source x1
Costa del Sol (Before Meteor-fall) : Weapon Shop
Platinum Bangle1800 Gil
Carbon Bangle800 Gil
Four Slots1300 Gil
Molotov400 Gil
Costa del Sol (Before Meteor-fall) : Item Shop
Potion50 Gil
Hi-Potion300 Gil
Soft150 Gil
Phoenix Down300 Gil
Antidote80 Gil
Eye drop50 Gil
Hyper100 Gil
Tranquilizer100 Gil
Tent500 Gil
Costa del Sol (Before Meteor-fall) : Materia Shop
Magic MateriaHeal1500 Gil
Magic MateriaRevive3000 Gil
Magic MateriaRestore750 Gil
Magic MateriaSeal3000 Gil
Magic MateriaFire600 Gil
Magic MateriaIce600 Gil
Magic MateriaLightning600 Gil

Mt. Corel

Mt. Corel
01You need to go over Mt. Corel to go to Gold Saucer. You should buy some Soft in the shop.
02You can find two items where you fall from the bridge.
03Cloud all need to move the machine where the other members cannot go through on their way.
04You can steal Diamond Pin from Bagnadrana.
-Mt. Corel Map Open New Window
Mt. Corel - Treasure
W Machine Gun x1 / Turbo Ether x1 / Magic MateriaTransform x1 / Wizard Staff / Star Pendant / Phoenix Down x10 / Tent x1 / Mind Source x1 / Power Source x1

Next Destination
You can see North Corel after you go over Mt. Corel.

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