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This page contains "Armor (Bangles) List" for FF7.

List of the Armor (Bangles) pieces

Bronze Bangle8000--
Initially Equipped on Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aeris
Iron Bangle10020x1
Sector 7 Slums (Weapon Shop)
Titan Bangle14240x1
Wall Market (Weapon Shop), Sector 5 Slums (Weapon Shop), Air Buster (Steal)
Mythril Armlet18380x1
Town of Kalm (Weapon Shop), Wall Market (Weapon Shop), Heli Gunner (Drop)
Carbon Bangle273140x1
Costa del Sol (Weapon Shop), North Corel (Weapon Shop), Moth Slasher (Steal)
Silver Armlet344220x1
Cosmo Canyon (Weapon Shop), Dyne (Drop)
Gold Armlet464280x1
Rocket Town (Weapon Shop), Dragon (Drop), Weapon Seller
Diamond Bangle576370x1
Bone Village (Item Shop)
Crystal Bangle708451x1
Mideel (Weapon Shop), Gold Saucer (Snow Game Prize)
Platinum Bangle200120x2
Lower Junon (Accessory Shop / During Meteor-fall), Costa del Sol (Weapon Shop), Death Claw (Steal)
Rune Armlet435240x2
Bone Village (Item Shop)
Rocket Town (Weapon Shop / During Meteor-fall), Palmer (Drop), Magic:+5
Wizard Bracelet63853x1
Mideel (Weapon Shop), Epiolnis (Steal), Jenova LIFE (Drop), Magic:+20
Adaman Bangle930230x1
Adamantaimai (Drop)
Gigas Armlet59000--
Demons Gate (Drop), Gigas (Steal), Strength:+30
Imperial Guard820740x1
Northern Cave (Treasure), CMD. Grand Horn (Steal)
Aegis Armlet55158650x1
Sector 8 Underground (Treasure / During Meteor-fall)
Fourth Bracelet7431003x1
Rocket Town (Treasure / During Meteor-fall), Magic:+20
Warrior Bangle960210--
Eagle Gun (Steal), Strength:+20
Shinra Beta30000x1
Marine (Steal), Submarine Crew (Drop)
Shinra Alpha770340x1
Underwater MP (Steal), SOLDIER:1st (Steal), Captain (Steal)
Four Slots120100x1
Costa del Sol (Weapon Shop), Shinra Bldg. (Treasure)
Fire Armlet728523x1
Gaea's Cliff (Treasure), Unknown (Steal), Absorbs Fire damage
Aurora Armlet768543x1
Forgotten City (Treasure), Unknown 2 (Steal), Absorbs Ice damage
Bolt Armlet748553x1
Corel Valley Cave (Treasure), Unknown 3 (Steal), Absorbs Lightning damage
Dragon Armlet583472x1
Blue Dragon (Steal), Dark Dragon (Steal), Red Dragon (Drop), 1/2 "Fire, Ice, Lightning" damage
Minerva Band608570x1
*Can only be equipped by "Female", Ancient Forest (Treasure), Turks:Elena (Steal), Nullifies "Fire, Ice, Holy, Gravity" damage
Escort Guard625550x1
*Can only be equipped by "Male", Sunken Gelnika (Treasure), Iron Man (Morph), Nullifies "Lightning, Water, Poison, Earth" damage
Mako Cannon (Treasure / During Meteor-fall), Northern Cave (Treasure)
Turks:Rude (Steal / Sunken Gelnika, Rocket Town, Sector 8 Winding Tunnel), Strength:+20 Magic:+20, 1/2 "All Elemental" damage
Precious Watch0000x1
Gold Saucer (Chocobo Racing Prize)
Gold Saucer (Chocobo Racing Prize), Dexterity:+30, Luck:+20

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