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Northern Cave

Northern Cave
01You need to head to Northern Cave where Sephiroth is.
02You can get Save Crystal and you can make Save point wherever you want.
03You need to divide your party into three in the middle of the cave.
04You can learn L5 Death and Magic Breath from Parasite.
05You can learn Laser and Dragon Force from Dark Dragon.
06You can learn ???? from King Behemoth.
07You can learn Angel Whisper from Pollensalta.
08You can learn Roulette from Death Dealer.
09You can learn Shadow Flare and Pandora's Box from Dragon Zombie.
-Northern Cave - First Half Map Open New Window
-Northern Cave - Last Half Map Open New Window
Northern Cave - First Half - Treasure
Save Crystal x1 / Guard Source x3 / Elixir x1 / Power Source x2 / Support MateriaHP Absorb x1 / Magic Source x1 / Mind Source x2 / Hero Drink x1 / Megalixir x1
Northern Cave - Last Half - Treasure
Elixir x2 / Remedy x2 / X-Potion x1 / Turbo Ether x1 / Vaccine x2 / Support MateriaMagic Counter x1 / Independent MateriaMega All x1 / Speed Source x1 / Mystile x1 / Speed Source x1 / Tetra Elemental x1 / Megalixir x2 / Magic Source x1 / Hero Drink x1 / Magic MateriaShield x1 / Imperial Guard x1 / Command MateriaW-Magic x1 / Support MateriaCounter x1 / Luck Source x1

The last battle with Sephiroth

Inside the Planet
01If you get into Inside the Planet after you go down from Junction point, you cannot go back anymore. There is Sephiroth in the depth.
02You have a battle with Jenova SYNTHESIS before Holy.
03If you use Knights of the Round in this battle, Sephiroth gets stronger in the following battle.
04After you defeat Jenova SYNTHESIS, you have a battle with Bizarro Sephiroth, and what is more, you have a battle with Safer Sephiroth.
05If you defeat Sephiroth, you come to an ending.
-Inside the Planet Map Open New Window
Inside the Planet - Treasure

Secret Bosses

Secret Bosses
01In FF7, there are Secret Bosses, Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon.
02If you defeated them, you could get Earth Harp and Desert Rose and you could exchange them for some rear items in Kalm.

« The last detour ¦ The last battle with Sephiroth

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