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Escaping from the Sector 5 Church

Sector 5 Church
01Cloud regains consciousness in a flower garden, which is made inside of the Sector 5 Church.
02Turks:Reno shows up when you have a conversation with Aeris.
03After you go up to the church roof, she gets shot and falls. Guide her to prevent her from being captured by Shinra soldiers. If you drop the barrels in the right order, you can avoid having a battle with them.
04Leave for outside from church roof.
-Sector 5 Church Map Open New Window
Sector 5 Church - Treasure

Go to the Aeris’s House

Sector 5 Slums
01After escaping from the church, go over the roof of the slums and head to the Aeris’s House which is located at the end of the slums.
02You can go shopping in the Sector 5 slums on your way to destination.
03You can read Turtle Paradise News No.1 in the room where a boy is sleeping on the bed. Although you can get 5 Gil, if you have not obtained it and visit this room again, you can get a Turbo Ether instead at that time.
-Sector 5 Slums Map Open New Window
Sector 5 Slums - Treasure
5Gil or Turbo Ether / Turtle Paradise News No.1
Sector 5 Slums : Weapon Shop
Titan Bangle280 Gil
Grenade80 Gil
Sector 5 Slums : Item Shop
Potion50 Gil
Phoenix Down300 Gil
Antidote80 Gil
Tent500 Gil
Sector 5 Slums : Materia Shop
Magic MateriaFire600 Gil
Magic MateriaIce600 Gil
Magic MateriaLightning600 Gil
Magic MateriaRestore750 Gil

Aeris’s House
01You can get Independent Materiacover and an Ether in the garden of the Aeris’s house.
02You have a conversation with Elmyra there.
03At night, walk downstairs after you get a Potion and a Phoenix Down.
04Go to the Sector 6 after going outside of the house.
- Aeris’s House Map Open New Window
Aeris’s House - Treasure
Independent Materiacover x1 / Ether x1 / Potion x1 / Phoenix Down x1

Go through the Sector 6

Sector 6
01You need to go through the Sector 6 in order to go back to Sector 7.
02Aeris is by the gate which is located in front of the Sector 6 so you can go through Sector6 with her.
03You have a conversation in Sector 6 park. At this moment, you witness Tifa being taken to the Wall Market.
04Cloud and Aeris head to the Wall Market to find her.
-Sector 6 Map Open New Window
Sector 6 - Treasure

Next Destination
The Wall Market is located in the entertainment district of Midger.

« Destroy the No.5 reactor ¦ Go to the Aeris’s House ¦ Don Corneo mission to rescue Tifa »

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