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About Command MateriaEnemy Skill

A character who equips Command MateriaEnemy Skill can learn a part of the enemy's abilities.

You can get 4 of Command MateriaEnemy Skill if you can get all of them.

However, you need to be careful because you have to learn enemies’ skills in each Materia. That means, you have to learn them again in a new Materia, each time you get it.

If you choose correct order, you can make all of Command MateriaEnemy Skill learn all of the E.Skill.

How to get Command MateriaEnemy Skill Materia

Shinra Bldg. 68Fyou can get it after you have a battle with a Sample:H0512 in Shinra Building 68F.
Upper Junonyou pick it up in Respectable Inn in Upper Junon.
Forgotten Cityyou pick it up in a house which has a bed in Forgotten City.
Chocobo Sage's houseyou can get it after having a conversation with Chocobo in Chocobo Sage's house.

List of Enemy Skill

Frog Song5Inflicts Sleepel and Frog on one target.
L4 Suicide10Inflicts Critical and Small on levels in multiples of 4.
Magic Hammer3Absorbs 100MP from one target.
White Wind34Restores all allies to an amount equal to the caster's current HP and also cures status (Sleep, Poison, Confuse, Silence, Slow, Stop, Frog, Small, Slow-numb, Petrify, Berserk, Paralysis, Darkness, Death Force and Resist).
Big Guard56Adds Barrier and MBarrier and Haste to all allies.
Angel Whisper50Revives, restores HP and status to one ally.
Dragon Force19Raises the Defense and Magic Def of one ally by 50%
Death Force3Makes one ally immune to death.
Flame Thrower10Inflicts Fire elemental damage on one target.
Laser16Inflicts 1/2HP damage on one target.
Matra Magic8Inflicts Non-elemental damage upon all target.
Bad Breath58Inflicts Poison, Sleep, Confuse, Silence, Small, and Frog upon all target.
Beta35Inflicts Fire elemental damage upon all target.
Aqualung34Inflicts Water elemental damage upon all target.
Trine20Inflicts Lightning elemental damage upon all target.
Magic Breath75Inflicts Fire, Ice, and Lightning elemental damage upon all target.
????3Inflicts damage equal to the difference of the user's maximum HP and their current HP.
Goblin Punch0Inflicts damage on one target. x8 of the damage if the target is of equal level.
Chocobuckle3Inflicts x8 of the damage if the target is of equal level.
L5 Death22Inflicts damage equal to the escape number of battles.
Death Sentence10Inflicts Death on levels in multiples of 4.
Roulette6Inflicts the Death Sentence status on one target.
Shadow Flare100Inflicts Non-elemental damage on one target.
Pandora's Box110Inflicts Non-elemental damage upon all target.

How to learn Enemy Skill


Frog SongTouch Me, Toxic Frog
L4 SuicideMu, Trickplay
Magic HammerRazor Weed
White WindZemzelett (Manipulate)
Big GuardBeachplug (Manipulate)
Angel WhisperPollensalta (Manipulate)
Dragon ForceDark Dragon (Manipulate)
Death ForceAdamantaimai (Manipulate)
Flame ThrowerArk Dragon, Dragon
LaserDeath Claw, Dark Dragon
Matra MagicCustom Sweeper, Death Machine, Bullmotor
Bad BreathMalboro
BetaMidgar Zolom
AqualungHarpy, Jenova LIFE
TrineMateria Keeper, Stilva, Godo
Magic BreathParasite, Stilva
????Jersey, Behemoth, King Behemoth
Goblin PunchGoblin
ChocobuckleChocobo (+>Lv16)
L5 DeathParasite (Manipulate)
Death SentenceGi Spector, Sneaky Step, Boundfat
RouletteDeath Dealer
Shadow FlareUltimate Weapon, Dragon Zombie, Ruby Weapon
Pandora's BoxDragon Zombie

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