FF7 - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide : Final Fantasy VII / Cheat sheet

FF7 - Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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Basic Information

All Location Maps---
World MapUnder Sea Map
Main CharactersNPC


Red XIIIYuffie
Cait SithVincent
Armor & Accessories


Cure ItemsBattle Items
Lv4 Limit Break ItemsChocobo Food
Boost ItemsOther Items
Key ItemsShop Information


Magic MateriaSupport Materia
Command MateriaIndependent Materia
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Skills & Magic

Limit BreaksAll Lucky 7s
Cure MagicAttack Magic
Support MagicSummon
Enemy Skills---

Enemies & Bosses : Data & Image

Enemies List 1Enemies List 2
Enemies List 3Enemies List 4
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Bosses List 1Bosses List 2
Stealable ItemsDrop Items
Morph Items---

Tips and Tricks

Making Ocean Chocobo---

Walkthrough Index

OpeningDestroy the No.5 reactor
Go to the Aeris’s HouseDon Corneo mission to rescue Tifa
Battle of Sector 7 PlateInfiltrate into Shinra Building
Aeris and Red XIIICloud’s flashback
Go to the Mythril MineFind the Yuffie
Welcoming ceremony in JunonCosta del Sol / Mt. Corel
Escaping from Corel PrisonStopping by with Buggy
Red XIII’s HometownShinra Mansion in Nibelheim
Rocket Town in CidYuffie’s Hometown
Go to the Temple of the AncientsGo to the Forgotten City
Great GlacierWhirlwind Maze
Rob an Airship HighwindStopping by with Airship
Competition of Huge Materia 1Competition of Huge Materia 2
Stopping by with submarineBattle of Midgar
The last detourThe last battle with Sephiroth

Side Quests

Cross Dressing CloudAbout Yuffie and Vincent

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